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Stampers 4 club/ marker share

This is a great chance to own all the Stampin’ Up! markers (and more). You will end upwith all the markers in their set colourways, the storage case and a little something else. We know that the whole set costs nearly £100, this is an affordable way of owning them all.

This is how the stampers 4 club works:-

* The agreement is that for 4 months you spend £35 from the catalogue and/or mini.

* £25 of this amount is the quarter share of the marker set. £10 left must be spent on other products from the catalogues of your choice.

* Each month you will receive one set of the markers in one of the colourways. And one of the four months you will recieve the storage case.

* The stamper 4 club,between them, will have reached £150 which is the amount needed to receive hostess benefits.  Hostess benefits include a free stamp set (from the appropriate level) and at least £15 worth of products from the catalogues.

* Orders will come straight to me and I will post them onto you, the postage you pay will be the postage from me to you.

If you have any questions or you wish to join this club please email me at with the words stamper 4 club in the subject line. As soon as the four places are filled the club will start.



  1. Count me in x

  2. Yep and me! 🙂 x

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